Why Hire a Copywriter?

Copywriting is more than just words on a page; it tells a story of WHO you are and WHY consumers should choose you over the competition. Excellent copy can generate more leads, which can turn into more paying customers.

Consider these statistics:


Consumers who avoid doing business with a company that makes spelling and grammar mistakes


Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising


Companies that use blogs as a content marketing tactic

Spread Your Word

Get excellent copywriting from a professional with over a decade of experience.

Website Copy

The majority of people will visit your website first before ever contacting you. Give these visitors the best first impression with copywriting designed to appeal to their interest and convert them to customers.


Having a blog makes you 13 times more likely to see a positive return on investment. Get a blog started with professionally written posts that can be published two, three or four times a month.

Email Marketing

Over 90 percent of people want to get emails from businesses they value. Make sure you send them valuable emails so you get repeat business and don't hurt your reputation.

Press Releases

There is no better way to show consumers you are trustworthy than being in the news. Get newsworthy press releases written to show off who you are and what you are doing.

Social Media Posts

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram — Be seen in your customers feeds. Engaging social media is key to being seen by those who use your service and excellent posts promote shares. 

Direct Mail

Keep your direct mail out of garbage and be displayed on the fridge. Get copy that appeals to what customers want and stop your marketing efforts from going to waste.

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