My Testimonials

Take a look at some of the comments my clients have made about my services!

Mark is an outstanding writer. He’s able to take complex industry jargon and technical information and write with clarity and at the customer’s level.

His web copy and blog posts were consistently engaging and informative, with enough of a sales spin to entice readers to take action. He takes the time to research, stays up to date on the industries he writes within, and is always willing to learn and propose new ideas.

I routinely chose Mark to write blog posts for me as I knew I could count on him to deliver great content that was always on time and free from technical and grammatical errors, while providing a fresh perspective on the topics. Mark is innovative, strategic, and insightful and I would hire him again for any content writing, marketing, or strategy help I need.

Over the past few years, I’ve worked closely with Mark at a dental marketing firm. A jack of all trades, he writes effective and insightful copy for everything from websites, blogs and press releases, to direct mail campaigns and radio and TV commercials.

Persuasive and compelling, his copy pinpoints the reader’s biggest pain point and guides them to the solution they need to solve it–your service or product. Not only is he a fantastic writer, he also works well under pressure, consistently meets deadlines and is always up for a new challenge.

If you’re considering adding someone to your marketing efforts, look no further. He’ll give you the captivating copy and custom-tailored advertising guidance you need to reach a healthy ROI.

Excellent is a perfect way to describe Mark's service. He doesn't just work to give you your requested copy, but he goes above and beyond in the way he researches, formats, and promptly delivers each piece. If that is not service enough, he is a pleasure to work to boot. Thanks Mark for your timely delivery and quality of work behind each project!

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